Each member of our distinguished faculty knows that the job responsibilities far exceed the job description. After all, we have the sacred task of nurturing young souls and inspiring young minds.

  • We provide the tools for self-confidence and the inspiration for a lifetime of learning.
  • We help each child to reach his or her potential, to fearlessly quest for knowledge and understanding.
  • We are creative, experienced and passionate. And in our hands we hold a life — the ultimate responsibility.

Felicia Abatgis Flynn

Kindergarten Teacher

B.S. Communication Disorders – Fontbonne University; Montessori Certified 3-6 years; Certificate of Clinical Competency – The Judevine Center for Autism; Certified Individual Support Assistant – Easter Seals Midwest; RYT Yoga Instructor
Every child has a unique learning style, personality and life story. I love working in a school where, as a culture, we honor that uniqueness on a daily basis. Here, children become who they are genuinely meant to become.

Julie Abeles

Kindergarten Teacher

B.S. Apparel Merchandizing – Indiana University; MA Teaching – Webster University
"Ensuring that children feel a sense of security and belonging within in the school enables them to accept and participate actively in transforming situations. That is what leads to meaningful learning experiences."

Lizzie Berkowitz

4th Grade Teacher

B.A. Latin American, Carribbean and Iberian Studies — University of Wisconsin; Teaching certification from Lindenwood University; MAT — Lindenwood University; Certified Project WET instructor
"I love that this school is all about learning adventures. When students DO things, they think deeply...and significant learning is the result. My students and I are a team. We DO things to discover the wonders of the world."

Betti Blumoff

Music and Drama Teacher

Bachelor of Music Education — University of Missouri Kansas City Conservatory of Music; minor in Drama; Master of Music — Southern Illinois University; Certified in Orff Education Levels I and II; Kodaly Certification; Music Educator in elementary schools for 36 years.
"My favorite memories of childhood centered around choir practice, concerts and musical theater performances. I am honored to now give my students the opportunity to discover their own talents."

Patti Boggs

PE Teacher

B.S. Physical Education and Health — University of Missouri-St. Louis
"PE allows children to try new things, to move in different ways and to get their hearts pumping. They quickly discover that fitness is fun, that achieving physical goals is rewarding, and that aerobic movement leads to deeper learning all day long."

Suzanne Burack

Art Teacher

MAT, Communication Arts — Webster University; BFA, Graphic Communication and BSBA, Marketing — Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri; Graduate of the Florence Melton Adult Mini-School
"My eyes light up when a student creates a carefully thought out piece of art. I can see their ownership and confidence grow. The excitement of their success delights me and encourages us both to take on greater challenges."

Scott Chelist

MS Language Arts

Mark Connor

Band Teacher

B.A. in Music - California State University, Chico; Master of Music - University of Colorado; Doctor of Music - Florida State University
Music is essential to human existence. It is a privilege to teach children and spark in them a lifelong relationship with the arts.

Robyn Friedman

Substitute TEacher

Jessica M. Goltzman, M.S., CCC-SLP

Speech/Language Pathologist

B.S. Communication Disorders — Fontbonne University; M.S. Speech-Language Pathology — Fontbonne University
Being able to help students communicate more effectively is a gift, and I celebrate it one speech sound at a time! At Mirowitz, I am inspired and motivated every day to guide, teach and encourage.

Mali Haberer

Hebrew Teacher

B.A. in Education from Oranim Program at Haifa University; Certified in Tal Am and teaching Ulpan
"I believe that children learn best in an environment that allows them to question and explore...and I strive to create joyful learning in my classroom every day. Watching my students experience the love and beauty of of Hebrew and Judaism is my reward."

Nancy James

Middle School Math Teacher

B.S. in Middle School (5-9) Education; Minor in Math — Lesley University, Cambridge MA 
"I love young adults. They are not daunted by life yet. There is always a bright light at the end of the period! We are creating our future right now."

Laura Johnson

2nd Grade Teacher

BA in Early Childhood and Elementary Education, Maryville University; MA in Education,concentration in Early Childhood, Maryville University;Additional certification in Gifted Education, Maryville University
"There’s a point in every lesson when children’s eyes open wide and their expression reveals a deeper understanding. That’s the moment of transition from the teacher leading to the children leading…and I know they have formed a new connection."

Dafna Kadan

Hebrew Teacher

B.S. Science, Tel Aviv, Israeli Scout Madrich, Training in Tal Am Hebrew curriculum.
"I love to help children make a connection to Israel. In teaching them Hebrew language and Israeli culture, I am also teaching them about themselves."

Carla Kaplan

1st Grade Teacher

B.S. Ed. — Southern Illinois University-Edwards Ville; MA Educational Administration — Lindenwood University
For me, it’s not enough that my students learn how to read or compute or gain scientific understanding. I want them to find learning exciting. I want them to develop the confidence to take intellectual risks and an intrinsic desire to do their best. I treasure the moments when my students feel a sense of accomplishment and realize just how much they have grown.

Ariel Kielmanowicz

Hebrew Teacher

B.A. Education; B.A. Human Services-University of Haifa; M.A. in Social Sciences-Tel Aviv University
"I believe that in order to truly understand a culture, you must understand its language. Hebrew is a living and vivid language, and my students become proficient while engaging in conversation about contemporary topics and reading authentic articles about Israel."

Erin Kirkpatrick

School-Based Counselor

Sagit Krieger

Hebrew and Judaics Teacher

Sue Lapp

Director of Instruction and Enrollment

B.S. Elementary Education, UMSL;
 B.S. Human Resources and Family Studies, University of Illinois – Urbana/Champaign; 
M.A. Marketing from Webster University; Pardes Summer Institute, Jerusalem
"I believe a teacher can meet the needs of students so that each is challenged and successful. My classroom is a place where students are encouraged to expand their thinking through experiential learning, and a place where cooperation and mutual respect are highly valued. I want for my students what I want for my own children: for them to be challenged and loved, prepared for what comes next and excited about learning. "

Becky Lerner

Hebrew Coordinator and Teacher

B.A. Near Eastern Languages and Cultures — Indiana University;
 B.S. Psychology — Indiana University;
 M.A. Cognitive Psychology — Washington University in St. Louis; Jewish Studies Certificate, Training in Tal Am Hebrew curriculum
"I believe that Hebrew should be taught as a modern language, and as a language that binds the Jewish people to each other, to Israel and to our heritage. We are lucky to be able to do this during childhood years, when they are best equipped for learning language."

Gary Lerner

MS Social Studies, Athletic and Activities Director

BA Communication, University of Missouri–Columbia
"I am inspired by our student athletes and their drive to learn and improve.  It's very gratifying as a coach to have that kind of impact on a player."

Leiba Levine

1st Grade Teacher

B.A. — University of Iowa; Courses in Education, Judaic Studies and Israel History — Hebrew Union College, Jerusalem

"I take each of my students on a journey of discovery that helps them grow socially, emotionally and intellectually to become all they can become. I am grateful to be an educator — a career that allows me to positively impact the childhood of my students. As I watch them grow throughout their Mirowitz years, I feel proud to have played a role in the development of the school’s bright, articulate and ethical graduates."

Cheryl Maayan

Head of School

B.A. Washington University;
 M.A. Jewish Education, Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion; Recipient of Grinspoon-Steinhardt Award for Excellence in Jewish Education; Recipient of Stuart I. Raskas Outstanding Day School Teacher Award
"I believe that every moment of our lives has potential. As educators, we have the privilege of uplifting the moments of our students' childhood so that they can learn, grow, and be a part of an ideal community. "

Rina Mangurten

Judaics Teacher

B.A. in History, Minor; Irish History – DePaul University;
M.A. in 20th Century Irish History – University College Dublin;
M.A. in Jewish Education – Hebrew College, Boston;
Certificate in Advanced Jewish Studies – Pardes Institute for Jewish Learning, Jerusalem
"When Hillel was asked to teach the entire Torah to a potential convert standing on one foot, Hillel responded, 'What is hateful to you, do not do to your neighbor. That is the entire Torah. The rest is commentary. Now go and study." (Shabbat 31a) This sums up not only my love of Torah, but also my love of sharing Torah with others. It is crucial to engage with Jewish text and apply what we have learned as we go out into the world by holding doors and pushing in chairs, filled with empathy and concern for those around us."

Sarah Beth Matt

2nd Grade Teacher

B.A Psychology, Education minor — Clark University; Masters of Arts in Teaching — Clark University
"I love spending my days leading my students in rich conversations, hearing their laughter and watching them grow."

Fran Milsk


B.S. Education—Northwestern University; M.A. Library Science—Dominican University
It is an honor to share my passion for reading and learning with the curious learners at Mirowitz. I continue to grow with them!

AJ Moll


Food Service Degree — US Army Quartermaster School; Food Service Operations — Forest Park Community College; Business Management courses — St Charles Community College; Kashrut and Shabbat Kitchen Preparation — St. Louis Kollel and Aish HaTorah; ServeSafe Certified
"I have the privilege of changing children’s perceptions of food and nutrition. It turns out, kids DO like vegetables. The fact that I get to do all of this while working for the Jewish community combines all the things I care about."

Connie Mueller

Middle School Math Teacher

B.S. in Computer Science – University of Missouri, St. Louis; MAT – Webster University
"I am inspired when I see young flexible  minds come up with unexpected solutions! I love to teach the creative and critical thinking needed for solving problems."

Russel Neiss

Judaics Instructor

B.A. Religion and Jewish Studies —CUNY Macaulay Honors College;
MLS — Queens College;
MSEd with concentration in School Leadership — Brooklyn College
"One of my favorite teachings in our tradition is from the Mishnah in Pirkei Avot that teaches us to celebrate those who gain wisdom from learning with everyone. I agree, and believe deeply in the power of constructivist learning spaces, and creating opportunities for learners to engage with our rich tradition and their interests in conversation with their peers and their community."

Andrea Newstead

Director of Technology

B.S. in Elementary Education, concentration mathematics — University of Illinois- Urbana- Champaign; M.A. in Reading, Reading Specialist — Northeastern Illinois University
"I love giving students opportunities to learn, comprehend and interact with technology in ways that help them solve problems, complete projects and creatively extend their abilities."

Rachel Persellin-Armoza

Israeli Dance Instructor

B.S., science and marketing — University of Arizona; M.A., international affairs — Washington University; Director of Hora Gil folk dancing troupe
"I love to teach Israeli Folk Dancing! It is great way to connect our students to modern Israeli culture and to their ancient Jewish roots. The music is a fusion of all of the Jewish communities of the world."

Laura Pupillo

4th Grade Teacher

B.S. in Early Childhood/Elementary Education with a minor in Psychology--Missouri Baptist University;
Associate of Fine Arts-- St. Louis Community College;
MSEd with a concentration in Elementary Mathematics and Science
"I love opening a world of experience and adventure for our children...world that encourages curiosity, questioning, connection and social responsibility. Through our interactions with children, we have the ability to build a brighter future."

Shannon Rohlman

Fifth Grade Teacher, ISACS Coordinator

B.S. Elementary Education, cum laude — Bradley University, concentration- English; 2009 recipient of Chidush Award for Jewish Educators — Boulder, Colorado; Pardes Summer Institute, Jerusalem
"When students construct their own individual meanings while participating in a lesson, they take ownership of their learning, and feel pride and accomplishment. I challenge my students as individuals, but also as active members of a community that works together to create a positive climate for learning."

Limor Shacham

Hebrew Teacher

B.A. Education and Literature — Ben Gurion University; Teaching certificate — Ben Gurion University; Concentration in classroom management — Central Missouri State University; Training in Tal Am Hebrew curriculum
"I want my students to remember where they belong and where they come from. Teaching Hebrew and about Israel reminds them that they have a Jewish home.

Rick Schmidt

Middle School Coordinator & Science Teacher

B.A. Elementary Education, Middle School Certification in Science, Social Studies and Math — University of Missouri-St. Louis; MAT Science — Webster University
"I relish in those "ah-ha" moments when my students connect what we’ve learned in class to what is happening in the world around them."

Rabbi Scott Slarskey

Director of Jewish Life

B.A. Philosophy and Ancient Civilization — Clark University; Rabbinic Ordination — Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies
“Educating in a pluralistic setting is exciting to me. By teaching pluralism we empower our children with the skills and attitudes necessary for building future communities that are respectful, rooted in joyful practice, and intent on increasing tzedek in the world. That is what our Jewish future needs.”

Val Toskin

3rd Grade Teacher

B.A. Elementary Education-Brussels, Belgium; Missouri Teacher Certification; Certified in Montessori, Singapore Math, Israel Pedagogy, Project Construct, Tikkun Midot
"At Mirowitz, we design our classrooms around our students' developmental needs, their family's Jewish values, their interests, and the latest research. My role is to listen, observe, nourish, support, make room for discovery, and create challenges. It is such a fulfilling position!"

Gabrielle Tullman

Director of Support Services

B.A. English –Union College; M.S.T. Elementary Education –Fordham University; M.P.S. Reading & Special Education –Manhattanville College
"I am inspired by the enthusiasm and curiosity of my students, the freshness of their voices and the honesty of their self expression."

Becca Weisel

3rd Grade Teacher

B.A. Early Education. and Psychology; Minor in Jewish Studies - Tulane University; Certification in Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education, UMSL
"I feel fortunate to spend my days igniting the sparks of curiosity in my students. My ultimate goal is to help them become confident learners and engaged citizens of our Jewish community and of the world."

Carolyn Zahm

Learning Specialist

B.A. Elementary Education — Grove City College, PA; M.A.T in Communications and Reading — Webster University; Reading Certification — Millersville University, PA
I look at each student as a puzzle, and it is my role to put the pieces — the skills — together. The most rewarding moments are when those pieces finally fit, and a child can say with confidence, 'I am a reader," or "I am a mathematician.'"