learning support team

Each member of our distinguished faculty knows that the job responsibilities far exceed the job description. After all, we have the sacred task of nurturing young souls and inspiring young minds.

  • We provide the tools for self-confidence and the inspiration for a lifetime of learning.
  • We help each child to reach his or her potential, to fearlessly quest for knowledge and understanding.
  • We are creative, experienced and passionate. And in our hands we hold a life — the ultimate responsibility.

Hayley Biehl

Director of Support Services

B.S. Journalism - Southern Illinois University - Carbondale, IL
MAT Special Education - McKendree University, IL
Leadership in Tiered Systems of Support - Webster University, MO
Every child deserves to feel the delight that comes with discovery -- the satisfying 'Aha!" at the end of a mystery, that gratifying sense of having figured something out, or of having connected new ideas to a prior experience. It is our charge as educators to ensure each child has the support and tools needed to navigate the path to discovery. I am so fortunate to work collaboratively with a team of committed teachers and strategists that ensure each child has what they need to follow their own path.

Sue Lapp

Interim Director of Instruction

B.S. Elementary Education, UMSL;

B.S. Human Resources and Family Studies, University of Illinois – Urbana/Champaign; 
M.A. Marketing from Webster University; Pardes Summer Institute, Jerusalem
"I believe a teacher can meet the needs of students so that each is challenged and successful. My classroom is a place where students are encouraged to expand their thinking through experiential learning, and a place where cooperation and mutual respect are highly valued. I want for my students what I want for my own children: for them to be challenged and loved, prepared for what comes next and excited about learning. "

Ben Griese

Learning Specialist

B.S. Elementary Education from Missouri State University; Social Studies
We are who we meet. We are who we teach. And we are who teach us. All of these happen simultaneously and help us grow into kind, responsible and deep-thinking individuals. It is incredibly satisfying to be a part of that process.

Risa Shyres

Occupational Therapist

B.S. Psychology — University of Miami. Master's in Occupational Therapy — Washington University School of Medicine, Advanced training in Sensory Integration and Handwriting
I feel fortunate to work at a school that recognizes how children learn differently and allows a variety of materials and equipment to support learning and success in the classroom. Here, each child can reach his or her potential.

Casey Stallings

Speech/Language Pathologist

B.S. Communication Sciences and Disorders, University of Oklahoma
M.S. Speech-Language Pathology, Fontbonne University
I believe all forms of communication are valid. It's inspiring to watch a child feel empowered as they connect with others in meaningful ways.

Melissa Wachler

Speech/Language Therapist

B.A. Communication Studies — University of Michigan; M.A. Communication Disorders — Central Michigan University
I am passionate about helping each child find his or her "voice" through the art of communication. It is an incredible privilege to support each student and help them reach their greatest potential.

Carolyn Zahm

Learning Specialist

B.A. Elementary Education — Grove City College, PA; M.A.T in Communications and Reading — Webster University; Reading Certification — Millersville University, PA
"I look at each student as a puzzle, and it is my role to put the pieces — the skills — together. The most rewarding moments are when those pieces finally fit, and a child can say with confidence, 'I am a reader," or "I am a mathematician.'"