middle school team

Each member of our distinguished faculty knows that the job responsibilities far exceed the job description. After all, we have the sacred task of nurturing young souls and inspiring young minds.

  • We provide the tools for self-confidence and the inspiration for a lifetime of learning.
  • We help each child to reach his or her potential, to fearlessly quest for knowledge and understanding.
  • We are creative, experienced and passionate. And in our hands we hold a life — the ultimate responsibility.

Rick Schmidt

Middle School Coordinator & Science Teacher

B.A. Elementary Education, Middle School Certification in Science, Social Studies and Math — University of Missouri-St. Louis; MAT Science — Webster University
"I relish in those "ah-ha" moments when my students connect what we’ve learned in class to what is happening in the world around them."

Nancy James

Middle School Math Teacher

B.S. in Middle School (5-9) Education; Minor in Math — Lesley University, Cambridge MA
"I love young adults. They are not daunted by life yet. There is always a bright light at the end of the period! We are creating our future right now."

Aura Kavadlo

Middle School Language Arts

B.A. Queens College, City University of New York--Major in English Literature, Minor in Secondary Education
Teaching at Mirowitz is my “happily ever after.” I consider it an honor to inspire my students to become avid readers and prolific writers—skills that will help them understand their work, cope with challenges, and succeed emotionally, spiritually and professionally.

Connie Mueller

Math Teacher

B.S. in Computer Science – University of Missouri, St. Louis; MAT – Webster University
"I am inspired when I see young flexible minds come up with unexpected solutions! I love to teach the creative and critical thinking needed for solving problems."

Kerry LiBrando

5th-8th Grade Social Studies

B.A. History and Classics — Providence College; MA Public History — American University; American Montessori Society Upper Elementary Credentials — Houston Montessori Center.
What inspires me? Children! They are called to action by problems in the world. Unlike adults, they don’t see problems as roadblocks.

Rina Mangurten

4th Grade and Middle School Judaics

Ariel Kielmanowicz

6th,7th,8th Hebrew Teacher

Limor Shacham

6th,7th,8th Hebrew Teacher

B.A. Education and Literature — Ben Gurion University; Teaching certificate — Ben Gurion University; Concentration in classroom management — Central Missouri State University; Training in Tal Am Hebrew curriculum
"I want my students to remember where they belong and where they come from. Teaching Hebrew and about Israel reminds them that they have a Jewish home.

Betti Blumoff

Music and Drama Teacher

Bachelor of Music Education — University of Missouri Kansas City Conservatory of Music; minor in Drama; Master of Music — Southern Illinois University; Certified in Orff Education Levels I and II; Kodaly Certification; Music Educator in elementary schools for 36 years.
"My favorite memories of childhood centered around choir practice, concerts and musical theater performances. I am honored to now give my students the opportunity to discover their own talents."

Patti Boggs

PE Teacher

B.S. Physical Education and Health — University of Missouri-St. Louis
"PE allows children to try new things, to move in different ways and to get their hearts pumping. They quickly discover that fitness is fun, that achieving physical goals is rewarding, and that aerobic movement leads to deeper learning all day long."

Suzanne Burack

Art Teacher

MAT, Communication Arts — Webster University; BFA, Graphic Communication and BSBA, Marketing — Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri; Graduate of the Florence Melton Adult Mini-School
"My eyes light up when a student creates a carefully thought out piece of art. I can see their ownership and confidence grow. The excitement of their successful delights me and encourages us both to take on greater challenges."

Rachel Persellin-Armoza

Israeli Dance Instructor

B.S., science and marketing — University of Arizona; M.A., international affairs — Washington University; Director of Hora Gil folk dancing troupe
"I love to teach Israeli Folk Dancing! It is great way to connect our students to modern Israeli culture and to their ancient Jewish roots. The music is a fusion of all of the Jewish communities of the world."

Gene Rauscher

Band Director

Bachelor of Music Education, Central Methodist University,
Fayette, Missouri; MME- University of Missouri, St. Louis
"You can see a marked change in the child the moment they understand how the music on a page is supposed to sound. They are suddenly comfortable with their instrument and their enthusiasm has a different flavor."