About Mirowitz

Mirowitz students have it all: a hands-on curriculum , lessons in social responsibility, and meaningful Jewish learning. During their years (K-8) at Mirowitz, students restore prairies, lobby elected officials, test water quality of streams, pick vegetables on a kibbutz and walk in the footsteps of MLK. As they do so, they joyfully connect with their heritage and develop skills for a lifetime of leadership.

Mirowitz STEAM Studio
Sunday, October 7
9:30-11:30 a.m.

Children observe frogs and toads at one of 9 Mirowitz outdoor learning labs. Mirowitz is a private Jewish day school.


Join us for an morning of earth-themed STEAM. You and your pre-school aged child (ages 3+) will participate together in hands-on discovery in our outdoor labs.

  • Meet animals and artists that make the pond their home.
  • Learn about the parts of a plant (leaves, seeds, fruits and root) that are nutritious and tasty. Then pick a veggie from our garden and have a taste for yourself!
  • Built a chicken nest, and see if Lila and Golda (our school chickens) find it comfortable.
  • Use technology to record colors in nature.
  • Learn how composting turns rotten food into something reusable.

(Mirowitz STEAM Learning Labs integrate Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.) 

Presented by: Saul Mirowitz Jewish Community School and PJ Library – St. Louis.

 RSVP here. Email Lee’at with your questions. 


CMirowitz Open Houseome Sneak a Peek!

Roll up your sleeves and engage in experiential learning about how kids grow to be curious and ethical. Break out sessions are led by Mirowitz teachers and include: Teaching Resiliency, the importance of learning a second language, teaching kids to pursue justice, and more.

Wednesday, November 7
Learn more and RSVP here.

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