FAQ about Tuition Assistance

Should we apply for Tuition Assistance? Would we qualify?
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Yes! Apply! Tuition assistance is not awarded solely on income. We also take into consideration other financial obligations and special circumstances. Applicant families agree that the process is fair and are typically pleased with their awards.

Applying for financial assistance does not affect the Admission Committee’s deliberations in any way.

What information do we have to provide when we apply for financial assistance?
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Mirowitz outsources the financial aid process to a services provided by the National Association of Independent Schools called “School and Student Service for Financial Aid” (SSS). SSS asks for information about family composition, current and expected income, expenses, assets and debts as well as unusual family circumstances and expenses. SSS then applies a methodology to assess the resources a family has to contribute toward their child’s education and suggests a “Parental Contribution” toward tuition. The application may be found online.

Mirowitz’s financial assistance committee recognizes that the SSS report may not accurately portray the whole picture of a family’s financial situation and welcomes a letter that may clarify your family’s finances.

What are the steps to apply for financial assistance?
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Complete and submit a financial statement form online or call the school office to request a printed application. Saul Mirowitz Jewish Community School’s  school code is: 2272. SSS charges a $45 application fee.

Complete the SSS application by early January to ensure we have a recommendation from SSS by January 31.

Who makes the award decisions?
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The financial Assistance Committee includes three non-parent board members, appointed by the board president, and a financial assistance coordinator. In keeping with Mirowitz’s core values, all information received and discussed by the committee is kept strictly confidential.

When are financial assistance decisions made?
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Applications for financial assistance are evaluated in mid-February.

After the awards to current families are determined, the Financial Assistance Committee reviews new applications from newly admitted students. Newly admitted students will learn of their award at the same time that they receive the admissions decision letter in mid March. Subsequent requests for assistance are evaluated on a case-by-case basis until the financial assistance budget is expended. Applicants may appeal with cause the initial decision by the committee.

Are there any extra requirements for families who receive financial assistance?
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All Mirowitz families provide service to the school in the form of volunteer hours and participation in the school fundraising activities. There are no special or additional requests made of families who receive financial assistance.

Is financial assistance guaranteed for future years after an initial award is granted?
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This we can promise: if you enroll your children at Mirowitz, we will ensure that they can return year after year.  We do require that families reapply for assistance each school year, but we begin our annual aid distribution process by ensuring that we are meeting the needs of returning students. Unless your family’s financial circumstances change dramatically, you can expect Mirowitz’s commitment to remain the same as your children progress through the school.

How are separated or divorced family situations evaluated?
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The resources of both natural parents will be considered, as well as their current family situations.

Will new students be denied admission if they apply for financial assistance?
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Financial assistance decisions are subject to the availability of funds and are made independently from admission decisions.