Core Values

We believe in the ultimate potential of each student’s intellectual, spiritual, social, emotional, and physical growth, and we bring that potential to life through these core values:

Academic Excellence

We continually seek to identify and then thoughtfully and effectively implement the best educational practices and curriculum available. Our constructivist methodologies provide learning experiences that allow students to acquire knowledge through meaningful interactions, adventures and explorations, and prepare students for success in high school, college and throughout their lives.


Mirowitz torah readerJewish Knowledge and Self-Assurance

 We impart an extensive knowledge of Judaism, develop each student’s Jewish identity, and build a profound commitment to Israel and the Jewish people.  Our curriculum artfully integrates Jewish content into all subjects so children can build authentic connections between Jewish teachings and the world around them. We are committed to the autonomy of individual beliefs and practices, to egalitarianism and to the broadest possible commitment to Jewish inclusion. We teach Modern Hebrew as a communicative heritage language, and introduce students to both liturgical and biblical Hebrew.


Social Responsibility

Students consistently translate lessons about social justice into action, knowing that they can play a significant role in repairing the world.  Our approach:

  • fosters a community that reflects the diversity of our Jewish community: families from varying levels of Jewish observance, from a broad socioeconomic range, and from across the full geography of the St. Louis area.
  • creates opportunities for students to explore their own ability to better the world and use their energy to fight for and preserve freedom and justice.
  • offers a blueprint for a just and ethical society, where members treat one another with kindness, respect, sensitivity and an appreciation of differences.
  •  provides tools for a lifetime of leadership and the skills to build consensus, to collaborate, to lead with confidence, and to make decisions based on Jewish values.
  •  develops in our students a moral compass that will guide them throughout their lives.


Commitment to Israel

Recognizing the significance of the State of Israel and its national institutions, we seek to instill in our students an attachment to the State and its people, as well as a sense of responsibility for their welfare.

We envision a generation of Jewish leaders who — energized by a profound cultural and historical knowledge of Israel, meaningful relationships with Israelis, personal experiences in Israel, Hebrew language proficiency and a nuanced understanding of modern Israel — proudly lead, support and strengthen the Jewish state.

Israel Vision Statement