Jewish Practice


As a modern, pluralistic, diverse, egalitarian Jewish independent school, we accept multiple definitions of Jewish practice. Each family’s customs and rituals are honored and respected, and that the diversity of our student body is celebrated. Our curriculum is coordinated with our policies to teach students how and why the policies are consistent with Jewish values, and how they embrace both Jewish tradition and modern Jewish practice.


With every action, including eating, we each have the power to create holiness. Through consciousness of the way our food is grown and brought to our table, through the Jewish tradition of kashrut, and through healthy choices, we hope to nourish a commitment to the sacred and an appreciation for the food we eat.

  • All food served as part of the school lunch program is prepared in a supervised kosher kitchen. Meat and dairy are served on different days.
  • Food served as part of the school lunch program will be locally sourced or organic. Food will be cooked on site from scratch, using healthy ingredients and methods. Milk will be hormone free and antibiotic free. Cheese will be local and made from grass fed cow’s milk.
  • Families can choose to order lunch from the school’s kosher, healthy lunch service, or they will be able to bring their own lunch or snack from home. All family choices will be honored in a dignified way…free of judgment and monitoring, and reflective of our commitment to respecting diverse family definitions of Jewish practice. Students will not bring pork, pork products, shellfish, or shellfish products to school. Parents are encouraged to consider not mixing meat and dairy in meals sent from home.

Ritual WearMirowitz families have the opportunity to choose their children’s practices with regard to wearing of ritual wear at school, and the school supports those choices. There are no mandates with regard to ritual wear.