Mirowitz Middle School Open House

Wednesday, December 4
8:30 a.m.

At Mirowitz, we believe that the middle school years should be joyful ones. They are about gaining skills and knowledge, and also strength of character and self confidence. They prepare students for academic rigor, and also for ethical leadership. They allow young adolescents to focus on personal growth, yet understand their responsibility to the world around them. Come see for yourself that an ideal middle school experience is possible…at Mirowitz.

Come see us in action, and hear details about our program from teachers, students and administrators.

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A 3-part parent-child workshop
Facilitated by Leah Frankel, MSW, LCSW, CLC
Clinical Therapist and Parent Educator at Mirowitz

  • December 8 (10-11 a.m.) @ Barnes and Noble (8871 Ladue Rd.  63124)
  • January 26 (4-5 p.m.) @ Schnucks (12332 Manchester Rd.  63131)
  • February 23 (10-11 a.m.) @ Mirowitz (348 S. Mason Road  63141)

Children who are able to identify and express their feelings are more likely to build emotional resilience, show empathy to others, and have a positive self-concept. Come learn how you can help your children thrive through their many feelings. Join us for one or all sessions.

  • Session 1: Feeling Powerful: Your child’s growing autonomy is both important and complicated. Come learn tools that will help your child gain independence and confidence while also enhancing cooperation at home.
  • Session 2: Feeling Healthy: Learn a few mealtime magic tricks, and turn common concerns into opportunities to teach healthy eating habits.
  • Session 3: Feeling Playful:  Learn how joining your children in their world of play reduces stress, promotes bonding, and increases joy.

The first 30 minutes: Parent learning while children enjoy supervised activities.  The second 30 minutes: Applying what we’ve learned in a parent-child activity.

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