Why Mirowitz?

Prospective parents ask all the time: What difference does a Jewish independent school make?


Independent schools maintain small class sizes, so teachers can learn about every student, and attend to their individual skills and needs.
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At Mirowitz, we are committed to keeping class sizes small. Children have opportunities to work individually with teachers and learning specialists, and to be challenged to the level of their ability.

Studies show that Jewish day school graduates express an extraordinary sense of responsibility towards influencing social values, helping those in need and affecting social change.
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At Mirowitz, our students understand their obligation as citizens of the world. They know from experience that social action is easy, it’s possible and it’s Jewish.

Since private schools are funded independently, they are not subject to the Elementary Education Act ("No Child Left Behind") and curricula that "teach to the test."
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The focus at Mirowitz is on raising children, not raising test scores. Childhood should be filled with profound and meaningful experiences connected with learning. It turns out that a curriculum that encourages deep thinking, problem solving and intellectual risk taking also prepares students for success…on standardized tests, in competitive high school environments and in life! Our students typically exceed Missouri standards by at least a grade level in all curricular areas. Jewish day school graduates are more resistant to social pressures that lead to risky behaviors than their public and private school peers. Mirowitz students develop a moral compass, a sense of integrity and the ability to make decisions based on Jewish values.

With small class sizes, independent schools do not need to pull children out of the classroom for gifted programs.
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At Mirowitz, we believe that the most meaningful learning moments should not be reserved for children with the highest IQ. Learning is differentiated and extensions are provided so every student is challenged appropriately.

Jewish day school students emerge with a proficient knowledge of prayer, and a profound commitment to Israel and the Jewish people.
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In our contemporary society, Jewish identity is not inevitable. It requires an education that is meaningful and joyful. Mirowitz’s daily celebration of Judaism instills both pride and the ability to see the world through Jewish eyes.

Neuro-scientific research suggests that at a young age, children have a greater capacity to learn a foreign language
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Our students study ivrit b’ivrit (Hebrew in Hebrew) daily, and are able to read, write and speak competently by graduation.

Mirowitz offers a perfect package for the parents who don’t want to have to choose between academic excellence and meaningful Jewish learning.