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2023-2024 School Year

May 24- A Charge to our Graduates

May 10- The Meaning Behind the Words

April 12- The World is Our Classroom

March 29- Lessons from the Holocaust: Stand Up to Hate

March 15- Separating Light and Darkness

March 1- Sometimes You Need to See Things for Yourself!

Feb. 16- No Place for Hate

Feb. 2-  This Kehillah (Community)!

Jan. 19- Math at Mirowitz:  It All Adds Up

Jan. 5- Learning About the Past so we can Understand the Present

Dec. 15- Shine on!

Dec. 1- Curious About the Mirowitz Middle School?

November 10- What Will Your Impact Be?

October 27- Taking Sides

October 13- A Light in the Darkness

September 29- Wow!

September 15- Creating memories

September 1- When We Promised a Meaningful Childhood, We Meant It! 

August 18- A Meaningful Year Awaits!  Let’s Dive In!

2022-2023 School Year

May 25- A Charge to our Extraordinary Graduates

May 5- Israel and Jewish Identity

April 21- Remembering the Holocaust and Heroism

March 31- The Stories We Tell

March 17- What Does It Take To Grow a Leader?

March 3- Black History Month Offers Mirrors and Windows

Feb. 19- What Difference Does a Jewish Day School Make?

Feb. 3- Let’s Get Together

Jan. 23- Justice, Justice You Shall Pursue

Jan. 6- Tamchui Empowers Us!

Dec. 16- Our Memories Make Us Who We Are

Dec. 2- Greening Hanukkah

Nov. 11- Every Child Deserves Cheerleaders and Coaches

Oct. 28- Focus on Israel

Oct. 14- The Blessing at the End of the Story

Sept. 30- The Hard Work of Tshuvah

Sept. 16- Banned Books Offer Windows and Mirrors

Sept. 2- Joyful Engagement

Aug. 19- A Blessing for New Beginnings

2021-2022 School Year

May 27- Look for the Wind

May 20- The Meaning Behind the Words

May 13- Mistakes are OKAY here!  (Actually… they are a good thing!)

May 6- Israel and Jewish Identity

April 29- Revisiting, Reclaiming, Commemorating and Making History

April 14- The Exodus… From Every Angle

April 8- Be a Blessing

April 1- Come on in!

March 25- Teach them to Swim

March 18- Growing a Garden of Values

March 11- What Does It Take to Grow a Leader

March 4- Thanks for Playing

Feb. 25- Turning the Camera on Patty Bloom

Feb. 18- A Niggun Can Be A Ladder to the Heavans

Feb. 11- We Read Banned Books Here!

Jan. 28- What Does Diversity Look Like

Jan. 21- Excuse Me While I Give the Teachers a Shoutout

Jan. 14- What’s Your Favorite Hebrew Word?

Jan. 7- We have a Visionary In the House

Dec. 17- Our Memories Make Us Who We Are

Dec. 10- Tamhui and Community Unity

Dec. 3- Learning and the Brain

Nov. 19- 4 Ways to Say #thankyoumirowitz

Nov. 12- What’s In YOUR Blessing Jar?

Nov. 5- Connecting with Israel

Oct. 29- Growing Tikkun

Oct. 22- #ThankYouMirowitz

Oct. 15- What Difference Does a Jewish Day School Make

Oct. 8- You Know You’ve Raised Them Right When…

Oct. 1- Simchat Torah and the First Read Aloud

Sept. 24- How Good and How Pleasant It Is

Sept. 17- Becoming Our Best Selves

Sept. 3- Using Our Power For Good

Aug. 27- Parents and Teachers:  A Sacred Partnership

Aug. 20- We’re All Smiles (Under Our Masks)!

2020-2021 School Year

May 28- A Charge to Our Extraordinary Graduates

May 21- We Made it!  (Here’s the Recipe.)

May 14- Rising to the Challenge

May 7- The Meaning Behind the Words

April 23- Raising Change Makers

April 16- And Now We Turn From Sadness to Joy

April 9- Remembering the Holocaust

March 19- Passover and Lessons in Empathy

March 12- We Can See the Promised Land

March 5- Write On

Feb. 26- Changing The End of the Story

Feb. 19- Diversity?  Yes, We Have That!

Feb. 12- Becoming our Best Self

Feb. 5- What Does it Take to Grow a Leader?

Jan. 28- Excuse Me While I Give the Teachers a Shout Out

Jan. 21- What We Can Learn From An Inauguration

Jan. 15- What Sets Us Apart

Jan. 8- What’s Your Favorite Hebrew Word?

Dec. 18- Making Each Day Count

Dec. 11- The Light You Shine

Dec. 4- In THIS We Believe

Nov. 20- One Way to Show Your Love for Mirowitz

Nov. 13- For the Kids’ Sake- Let’s Persevere

Nov. 6- Being Present and Noticing the Sunshine

Oct. 30- Civility, Dialogue & Courageous Conversations

Oct. 23- More Than A School

Oct. 9- Sukkot: The “Time of our Joy” (even in 2020!)

Oct. 2-Sukkot Reminds Us to Build a Better World

Sept. 25- Self Reflection and Personal Growth

Sept. 18- Life Lessons We Learn From Children

Sept. 11- Raising Children to Make Good Choices

Sept. 4- The Impact of our Work

Aug. 28- We are ALL Learners

2019-2020 School Year

May 29- Discovering the Light; Exploring Opportunities

May 22- Marking Special Moments

May 15- Being Apart Together

May 8- All the Right Ingredients

May 1- Blue and White

April 24- Mah Rabu (How beautiful is this earth!)

April 3- Facing uncertainty…just like the Israelites

March 27- A Jewish School in the Cloud

March 20- Mirowitz in the Cloud 

March 13- How we Cope with Uncertainty

March 6- Starting the Day with Meaning

Feb. 28- What Does It Take To Grow A Leader?

Feb. 20- Created B’Tzelem Elohim (in God’s image)

Feb. 13- What Difference Does a Day School Make?

Feb. 8- Water Justice STEAM Teaches Life Lessons

January 31- Our Memories Make Us Who We Are

January 24- The Arts are Alive at Mirowitz

January 17- Prioritizing Social Responsibility

January 10- Excellence Every Day

December 20- Seeing the World Through Jewish Eyes

December 13- Tamhui and the Meaning of Chanukah

December 9- How We Prepare Mirowitz Students

Nov. 22- Thriving Through Adolescence

Nov. 15- Israel is in Our Hearths

Nov. 8- Conferences and Our Sacred Obligation

Nov. 1- Using Their Voices

Oct. 25- A Culture of Kindness

October 18, 2018- Simchat Torah and the First Read Aloud

October 11, 2019-Sukkot Reminds Us to Build a Better World

October 4, 2019- What We Learn From Children

September 27, 2019- Going the Extra Mile

September 20, 2019- Understanding Israel

September 13, 2019- Higher Order Thinking

September 6, 2019- What Sprouts in Four Weeks?

August 28, 2019- Raising Children Who Make Good Choices

August 21, 2019- We Promise a Meaningful Childhood and We Mean It

August 16, 2019: Our Leadership Succession Plan