An Extraordinary Childhood


Welcome to Saul Mirowitz Jewish Community School


Saul Mirowitz Jewish Community School is a pluralistic Jewish independent school for children kindergarten through eighth grade. We offer a fully integrated general and Jewish studies curriculum that stimulates young minds, inspiring students to become independent thinkers, creative learners, and proud, knowledgeable and compassionate Jewish leaders.

We believe that school can be much more than merely a place of academic enrichment. It can be the place where learning memories are made and where future leaders are nourished. We are committed to providing our students with an extraordinary childhood marked by:

  • a learning community that prepares students to excel in the most demanding academic environments.
  • teachers who celebrate each student’s strengths, interests and uniqueness…and customize learning experiences so that each child is challenged to his or her potential.
  • a culture that reinforces ethical values…teaching honesty and kindness, compassion and responsibility
  • a definition of literacy that includes the ability to comprehend and interact with technology to effectively solve problems, complete projects and creatively extend their abilities.
  • an emphasis on fine arts that allows students to engage all of their intelligences.
  • adventure experiences and immersion trips that give students opportunities to revisit history, learn in real situations and explore natural ecosystems.
  • opportunities to add their voices to our ancient Jewish conversation, and to understand Israel’s role in shaping the historical, theological and sociological experiences of the Jewish people.
  • classmates who share an extraordinary sense of responsibility toward affecting social change, and who inspire others to join them in the repair of the world.

Families whose children attend Saul Mirowitz Jewish Community School want it all: an education that combines academic excellence, social responsibility and meaningful Jewish learning. And they have it!

You can too!