Head of School

At Mirowitz, we believe in the infinite potential of  elementary education. It can kindle students’ delight in learning and prepare them for continued academic success. It can shape their sense of ethics, and lead them to be kind and responsible human beings. It can nourish individual interests and motivate them to reach their highest potential.

We see ourselves as the guardians of each student’s childhood, and are committed to filling their days with learning that is significant and meaningful.

Children deserve a top-of-the-line education, one that incorporates the latest neurological research and applies it to the methodologies used in the classroom.  The educators at Mirowitz are hired because they are committed to excellence and ongoing professional growth. Principals from competitive public and private high schools report that our graduates are exceedingly well-prepared for high-level courses. They achieve outstanding scores on standardized tests and are accepted into prestigious colleges and universities.

But so much of the learning that takes place at this school cannot be measured by a mathematical equation or scientific theorem. There are no bonus points awarded on standardized tests for knowing how to be a citizen of the world. There is no extra credit for Jewish knowledge, or commitment to Israel and the Jewish people.

The learning at Mirowitz stretches far beyond its academically rich curriculum. And though our students are young, they have big ideas about how to repair the world — ideas that will be measured, one day, when they sit around boardroom tables as the next generation of community leaders.


Raquel Scharf-Anderson