Session 1:  Kavod (Respcting ourselves and others). Bring your pre-schooler for an interactive Zoom with Shannon Rohlman. Together we will explore our diverse identities, including skin color, and how we can express pride as an individual without denying the value of others.

Session 2: As a parent, modeling charitable acts is a great way to teach your child the value of tzedakah. Join Rabbi Scott Slarskey to learn how to kick off your family’s own tzedakah practice.

Session 3: Empathy is a top indicator for personal and professional success, and through understanding others, your children can repair the world! Laura Johnson will provide ideas on how you can nurture empathy in your children.

Session 4: Gratitude in children is consistently associated with higher levels of happiness and optimism, higher self-esteem and improved resilience. Val Toskin will share a few tips you can use to help your child recognize the good around them.