Making a school decision is difficult.
Sometimes you just want to connect with a parent who was recently in your shoes.

These Mirowitz parents are here for you.
Ask Jeremy.
He moved to a neighborhood with great public schools, and then chose Mirowitz.
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Ask Nati.
Her children moved from Israel knowing only a few words of English.
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Ask Sherri.
She moved to St. Louis and found a second home for her son at Mirowitz.
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Ask Diane.
She toured many private schools and chose Mirowitz.
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Ask Scott.
He raised his older daughters in public school but chose Mirowitz for his younger children.
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Ask Amy.
Her husband was not raised Jewish, but the whole family is thriving at Mirowitz.
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Ask Jennifer.
Her children attended Mirowitz from kindergarten through 8th grade and successfully matriculated to high school.
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Ask Mike.
He felt strongly about a public school education for his girls, but his wife had her heart set on Mirowitz.
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Ask Lauren.
Her family’s decision to move to St. Louis hinged the existence of a quality K-8 Jewish day school.
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