Mishloach Manot

With your help, Mirowitz teachers and staff can receive Purim gift baskets and proceeds will help support the 8th grade Israel trip.

It's almost Purim! The mitzvah of giving mishloach manot is meant to increase love and friendship among our neighbors. The 8th grade is hosting a fundraiser to honor our wonderful staff at Mirowitz.

How the project works: Every staff member will get a gift basket. Every Mirowitz family has the opportunity to select one or more staff members to honor. To put your name on:

  •  1 staff basket = $10
  • 3 staff baskets = $18
  • 10 staff baskets = $60
  • All Middle school staff baskets = $60 (Mr. Schmidt, Mrs. James, Coach Gary, Moreh Scott, Reb Scott, Morah Becky, Morah Limor, Moreh Ariel, Morah Connie, Morah Rina)
  • Baskets for the entire staff = $180

Every staff member you choose will get a card with your family’s name indicting that you participated in honoring staff. If you choose to purchase baskets for the entire staff, then every staff member will get a gift basket with your name on it. 

Thank you for participating in this meaningful project!