Mishloach Manot

It's almost Purim! The mitzvah of giving mishloach manot (gift baskets) is meant to increase love and friendship among our neighbors. The 8th grade is hosting a fundraiser to honor our wonderful faculty at Mirowitz. With your help, Mirowitz teachers and staff will receive a Purim gift basket and all proceeds will help support the 8th grade Israel trip.

How the project works: Every staff member will get a gift basket. Every Mirowitz family has the opportunity to select one or more staff members to honor. To put your name on:

  •  1 staff basket = $12
  • 2 staff baskets = $20
  • 10 staff baskets = $75
  • All Middle school staff baskets = $75 (Mr. Schmidt, Mrs. James, Coach Gary, Mr. Armstrong, Reb Scott, Morah Becky, Morah Limor, Morah Rachy, Morah Aimee, Morah Connie, Morah Roxana, Rabbi Tracy)
  • Baskets for the entire staff = $180

Every staff member you choose will get a card with your family’s name. If you choose to purchase baskets for the entire staff, then every staff member will get a gift basket with your name on it.

Thank you for participating in this meaningful project!