The news we were awaiting arrived Sunday night. St. Louis County Executive Dr. Sam Page advised that it is in the best interest of our larger community for all public, private, charter, and parochial schools close until further notice. We knew this decision was inevitable, though we hoped for a few more days with your children. But it has become clear that the COVID-19 pandemic has reached a point where we, as both a school community and a region, need to do our part to slow the progression. We transitioned to Mirowitz in the Cloud March 17. Parent-teacher conferences will take place virtually.

We know that this comes at great inconvenience to families and the news is going to take time to process. We have a tremendous team of professionals who have been working hard to ensure that we get through this transition as smoothly as possible. We care so deeply for your children and are committed to maintaining a sense of community and continued learning for them.

Recent Communications:

Extended Closure Plan: We’ve always known that experiential learning is the most effective way to master a new skill. Well, Day 1 of Mirowitz in the Cloud only reinforced that truth. Our determined, persevering faculty has been participating in a professional development crash course, and we so appreciate your ideas, your patience and your expressions of gratitude.

Should I inform Mirowitz if I suspect exposure to COVID-19? Yes! Please contact Cheryl immediately should you or a family member have symptoms, test positive, suspect exposure, are in self-quarantine due to exposure, or your place of employment has had an employee test positive for COVID-19.

Feel free to contact Cheryl with questions.

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