Donating Appreciated Securities



  1. Ask your broker to contact our broker (if different) with the description and number of shares you wish to gift. Brokerage houses with which we have accounts are:
    Morgan Stanley
    DTC: 0015
    Saul Mirowitz Acct: 033-012203
    Contact: Steve Arnstein
    Phone: 314-854-9332
  1. The donor needs to request that their broker notify the receiving brokerage firm (Morgan Stanley) that they are to sell the stock and forward the proceeds to Saul Mirowitz Jewish  Community School, and that the broker also include the name of the donor with the check that is sent to Mirowitz.
  1. Contact Shelley Kinder at 314-576-6177 or email with:
    • Name of Security
    • Numbers of Shares being gifts
    • Donor’s Name
    • Upon completion of the transfer of ownership, and subsequent sale of gifted securities, Donor will receive a letter of acknowledgement from Mirowitz.  That letter will serve as your tax receipt.  Note:  It can take several business days for transaction to be complete.

We recommend that you contact your tax professional to consider any tax-related details that apply to your particular situation.

Thank you for supporting Mirowitz.  Our mission is to provide the highest quality of secular and Jewish education, empowering students to become lifelong learners and apply Jewish values to all aspects of life.