Tributes & Memorials

Remember others in times of joy or sorrow…and nurture the next generation of community leadership at the same time. Upon receipt of your tribute or memorial gift, a personalized acknowledgment card will be sent to the named recipient, and another to you as a thank you for your support.

Please consider a gift of chai ($18) or a minimum contribution of $10.10348457_725095177598614_6193334930010047625_n

You also can establish a tribute bank with a minimum $100. Then, notify us by phone or email when you want to remember a simcha, say “thank you” or give a gift in loving memory. We’ll deduct from your account and notify you when your account goes as low as $20.

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Set up a Tribute Bank with Mirowitz

For more information or to establish a tribute fund, contact Marianne Chervitz, Director of Development, 314-576-6177 or by email.