Our alumni are well-prepared.

Each year, our test scores confirm what we already know: Mirowitz students are well-prepared for success in rigorous secondary schools.

Below are our 8th grade standardized test scores for the past few years. (Mirowitz scores are in aqua, suburban public scores in blue, and independent schools in yellow.)

What makes the scores extraordinary is that we do not teach to the test. At Mirowitz, we teach children to be excited, curious, authentic learners. We provide an environment where it is safe to take intellectual risks, to explore and to grow, and on top of that, we teach Hebrew, Judaic studies and spend time each day in prayer.

We are proud of our students’ intellectual achievements, but we are equally proud that guests to Mirowitz so often comment about how exceptional our students are…in their behavior, their deep thinking, their focus and their joyful spirit. We know that a primary reason is this: authentic learning simply feels good!