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Cheryl Maayan I see myself as the guardian of each student’s childhood, and am committed to filling their days with learning that is significant and meaningful. How do we do that at Mirowitz? Check back here weekly for a window into our school. I will post here on topics ranging academic excellence, meaningful Jewish learning and empowering children to make a difference.

– Cheryl Maayan

Parents and Teachers: A Sacred Partnership

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Wonder what qualities are shared by Mirowitz teachers? For one thing, they are all curious, life-long learners who are always chasing knowledge and striving for excellence. Mirowitz teachers are committed to constructivist teaching theory — hands-on learning that leads to new …

We’re All Smiles (Under Our Masks)

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The joy was palpable this week! We saw actual tears of joy as parents entered the building for the first time in 18 months. Kindergartners smiled (under their masks) as they gathered under a tallis to be blessed by tearful …

A Charge to our Extraordinary Graduates

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Graduates, in this week’s parsha, God instructs that the menorah should be hammered of gold from base to petal. Why gold? Because if you’ve ever listened to country singer Maren Morris, you know that “the house don’t fall when the …

We Made It! (Here’s the Recipe.)

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Our final week of school is here! To be perfectly honest, I am astounded we made it. An entire year of in-person school seemed an impossible dream when we opened our doors to your children in August. The obstacles were …

Rising to the Challenge

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There’s something about immersing yourself in nature that causes troubles to fall away. The songs of the birds, the smell of the flora, the magnitude of the stars…they get you into the rhythm of the earth. Nature allows us to …

The Meaning Behind the Words

andrea Curriculum

When you are recite Mah Tovu, the Barechu or even the Shema, what do you think about? Do you say the words without really knowing their intention? If so, you likely have much in common with the person sitting next to you in …

Conferences and Our Sacred Partnership

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Mirowitz teachers and parents are a team. Together we celebrate a child’s greatness, and together we work through challenging moments. Together we strive to give them an idyllic childhood and also to “teach them to swim.” The parent teacher conferences …

Write On

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Do you ever wish your own parents had sent you to Mirowitz? I feel that way all the time, and especially when I walk around the building and see how our students are blossoming as learners. Our constructivist approach is …