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Cheryl Maayan I see myself as the guardian of each student’s childhood, and am committed to filling their days with learning that is significant and meaningful. How do we do that at Mirowitz? Check back here weekly for a window into our school. I will post here on topics ranging academic excellence, meaningful Jewish learning and empowering children to make a difference.

– Cheryl Maayan

Providing the Best

andrea Curriculum

“How do you know you are providing the best?” I was asked at our parent coffee this morning, “How do you know you are providing a program that is on par with the best schools?”   I love that question…and …

The Name You Earn

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THE NAME YOU EARN In Jewish tradition, you are called by three names : one your parents call you, one you call yourself, and one you earn for yourself. The last one is the best of all. – Midrash Tanhuma …

M’bebo Africa

andrea Curriculum

“M’bebo Africa” (I am from Africa.) Where are you from?  Mr. Diadie, our African Dance teacher, was surprised by the responses he got when he said “M’bebo Africa” in his native African tongue, Bamanakan. Among the chorus of Mirowitz students …

Through Jewish Eyes

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Seeing the world through Jewish eyes People are skeptical when I tell them that we integrate Jewish learning into every subject here at Mirowitz. Math? Yep! Science? You bet! Writing? That’s an easy one. P.E.? That, too! If you’d peeked …