What Will Your Impact Be?

November 13, 2023

We hope our annual appeal reached your mailbox and that you were inspired by the way generations of Mirowitz students answered that question.

Who would have known, when we were preparing that mailing, that world events would take such a horrific turn, and that it would land in your mailbox at such a precarious time for Israel and the Jewish people.

Mirowitz always has been more than just a school, but now Jewish day schools matter more than ever.  During the past month, we have served as an anchor to our families and to the community. 

We have provided guidance to parents about how to discuss the tragedy with their children, and modeled to our students how a community can stand together in times of crisis.

Most importantly, we have provided our students with a place where they feel safe — physically and emotionally — to learn, to be proudly Jewish, and to express who they are without fear.

As you may know, tuition covers only a fraction of the amount it costs to educate your children. Our annual campaign makes up for that difference and directly enables us to partner with you to raise children who will live their lives not only as caring and capable human beings, but also as well-educated Jews who can confidently dialogue about Israel and correct inaccurate antisemitic propaganda in their future high schools, on their college campuses and beyond.

Help us ensure academic excellence, strengthen Jewish identity, keep our teachers and students safe, and bring more good into the world during these challenging times.

We cannot do it without you!

Shabbat Shalom,

Sara Lander, Board President

Morah Raquel, Head of School