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Cheryl Maayan I see myself as the guardian of each student’s childhood, and am committed to filling their days with learning that is significant and meaningful. How do we do that at Mirowitz? Check back here weekly for a window into our school. I will post here on topics ranging academic excellence, meaningful Jewish learning and empowering children to make a difference.

– Cheryl Maayan

What’s Jewish about Science?

andrea Curriculum, Jewish Learning

What’s Jewish about Science? I chanced upon a group of environmental engineers in fourth grade this week. They were working in pairs, designing compost bins and discussing the efficacy of various materials, design shape and access points to turning the …

Educating “Generation Swipe”

andrea Curriculum

Educating “Generation Swipe” Our students are the first generation to live their entire lives in a digital world. In fact, they are being called “Generation Swipe,” having been born after the iphone and ipad taught humanity to swipe for a …

A View from the Balcony

andrea Curriculum

A VIEW FROM THE BALCONY Jewish life allows us to carve out time, to take a break from our frenetic lives, and to take a view from the balcony. We gather with our families, bring in the light of Shabbat, …

Making a Difference

andrea Curriculum

HOW KINGS, QUEENS AND SUPERHEROES (AND OTHER COSTUMED KIDS) MAKE BIG A DIFFERENCE! Kids love Purim! Can you blame them? They get to dress in costume, make loud noises and eat hamantaschen. They parade…they sing…they get their faces painted. And …