Math at Mirowitz: It All Adds Up

January 23, 2024

I distinctly remember my elementary school teacher using this phrase to explain how to divide fractions: “Don’t ask why, just invert and multiply.”

Sound familiar? Well, not asking why doesn’t jive with our way of teaching at Mirowitz. Children need to understand how math works.

The Singapore Math approach that we use in elementary grades helps students develop mastery by moving from concrete materials, to pictorial representations, to abstract symbols. In middle school, the students master content through inductive reasoning, activities that provide deeper understanding, and concise examples, thought-provoking exercises, and connections to previous skills for coherence. Students learn  how to think deeply, and in doing so, they build a strong sense of numbers and flexible thinking.

This helps all students, including those for whom math skills come easily. We differentiate for those students, but not in the way you imagine.

We have consulted with local independent high schools, math coaches and professional math gurus like Greg Tang. All these experts tell us that students should have numerical fluency and reasoning skills, curiosity and the ability to think. Research shows that accelerating students before they are developmentally ready to understand how the math works leads to challenges down the road. So, we focus on going deeper and wider by providing extensions and real-world problems that are connected to grade-level expectations. We encourage a productive struggle with the aim of stretching to their potential.

Please contact their teacher if you have questions or concerns about your child’s progress. They appreciate your open communication as they work to ensure the very best for your child.


Morah Shannon Rohlman
Director of Instruction