This Kehillah (Community)!

February 5, 2024

I’ll say it like it is! January was an awful month for me. Navigating the emotions following the loss of my beloved mother, Roberta, immediately followed by the loss of our dog, Solly, was at times overwhelming. But in the background was you! This community’s outpouring of kindness, compassion, and empathy continues to be a source of comfort, and I am truly grateful.

I returned to school Monday to more than 100 cards from the children of Mirowitz on my desk. Their sweet messages, beautiful Hebrew writing, and even a few pop-up sad faces filled my heart. I walked through the halls, and your children ran up to greet me.

I received hugs from kindergarteners and middle school students, each sharing words of comfort and sharing that they had missed me while I was away. Our middle school students offered to form a minyan so I could say kaddish for my mom.

This, my friends, is uniquely Mirowitz. It is a testament to our culture and the environment that supports every person’s holistic development. Everyone who spends their day at Mirowitz, our police officers included, feels a sense of belonging, warmth, and connection.

Our community purposefully fosters positive connections between students and adults and among peers in each cohort. Our guiding values lead us to embrace kavod (respect), hakarat hatov (gratitude), and kindness (chesed). We ensure that an emotional safety net is firmly in place so children can express themselves, navigate social situations, and take the intellectual risks that lead to learning.

I’m always grateful, but especially this week, for the efforts of our parents, teachers and administration to build this support network. I hope you never have a January like mine, but if you do, know that THIS kehilah (community) will impact your tough moments, days, and, in fact, your life, and leave a lasting impression on your heart.

Todah Rabah!

Morah Raquel

Join us for a gathering to commemorate the Shloshim (end of mourning) for Raquel’s mother Roberta Mittelman Scharf: 5-7 p.m. on February 21 @ Mirowitz.