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I see myself as the guardian of each student’s childhood, and am committed to filling their days with learning that is significant and meaningful. How do we do that at Mirowitz? Check back here weekly for a window into our school. I will post here on topics ranging academic excellence, meaningful Jewish learning and empowering children to make a difference.

– Cheryl Maayan

A Charge to Our Extraordinary Graduates

May 25, 2023

Each of you is an extraordinary individual, and we are so proud of how you’ve grown. As a collective, your ruach permeates the school. You have been exemplary leaders and a whole lot of fun. You are forever a part of our Saul Mirowitz Jewish Community School family and...
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Growing a Garden of Values

March 20, 2022

The chilly air was wet with the impending rain this morning when Middle Schoolers circled up in the Tikkun Garden. Despite a backdrop of chirping birds, the students were rapt with attention, inspired by an enthusiastic guest teacher, Matt Lebon, owner of Custom Foodscaping who...
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Growing Tikkun

November 1, 2021

You may doubt me, but it’s true. You CAN integrate Judaism and math. You can even sprinkle in a dab of science, technology, ethics, engineering and artistry to the list of ingredients. Our oldest students are doing just that. Their project? Growing Tikkun. For the...
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You Know You’ve Raised Them Right When

October 11, 2021

Children get only one childhood, and we parents have the monumental responsibility of ensuring that it is filled with experiences that will lead them to become good human beings. At Mirowitz, we are your partners in that sacred undertaking. So how do you know we’ve...
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Being Present and Noticing the Sunshine

November 9, 2020

If you’re like me, you’d give anything to NOT think about the elections for a few minutes. Those of us who are fortunate to spend our days with your children benefit from frequent reminders to be present and to celebrate special moments, even as the...
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Thriving Through Adolescence

November 25, 2019

Ready or not, your child will one day enter adolescence! As you may remember from your own youth, middle school years are especially delicate ones. Adolescents undergo rapid physical, cognitive and social transformation. They begin to think abstractly, cement attitudes about learning, and look to their...
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It is a Tree of Life…

November 6, 2018

Doing something, anything, helps us grapple with sadness, disappointment, angst and even anger. Mirowitz students know that, and so today I am sharing my “blog” space with Genevieve, a thoughtful Mirowitz 8th grader. She and her classmates have an idea about how to stand strong...
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Lessons That Cannot Be Taught In A Textbook

September 5, 2017

I often ask myself, “What would happen if children spent their time thinking about world issues that needed their help? What if children recognized the power that they have to make a positive difference?” Our middle school trips are designed to do just that…to focus the...
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