Growing Tikkun

November 1, 2021

You may doubt me, but it’s true. You CAN integrate Judaism and math. You can even sprinkle in a dab of science, technology, ethics, engineering and artistry to the list of ingredients.

Our oldest students are doing just that. Their project? Growing Tikkun.

For the past two months, Mirowitz Middle Schoolers have been exploring how to grow tikkun (repair), and after brainstorming, research and a bit of debate, they decided to take the task literally.

They are reinvigorating our school’s organic gardens in a way that reflects responsible agriculture, and yields produce for both the school lunch table and the food pantry.

Last year, the pandemic interrupted our normal cycle of garden work, and while we took great care of our students, the gardens were neglected. As often is the case, there is a silver lining: we could engage students in deeper ways.

They researched earth friendly gardening practices. They created a vision board. They measured the sun throughout the day to determine optimal placement.

They debated flower beds vs. raised beds. They learned about cold frames and what growth is possible in the winter. They calculated the amount of soil needed for each bed and budgeted accordingly.

Now, their vision is becoming reality. This week, they graded the earth, getting dirty with spades and levels, and assembled the raised beds.

They are actively growing tikkun by combining Judaics, math, science and a host of other subjects…and in the process, they are growing a garden of values for our school.

We look forward to sharing their progress in the coming weeks and months.

Shabbat Shalom,