You Know You’ve Raised Them Right When

October 11, 2021

Children get only one childhood, and we parents have the monumental responsibility of ensuring that it is filled with experiences that will lead them to become good human beings. At Mirowitz, we are your partners in that sacred undertaking.

So how do you know we’ve raised them right? Often, it’s small moments that gives us a glimpse at the light our children shine, and the ability to feel the impact of their upbringing. The middle school Environment Trip is a great example.

I talked to the teachers on the phone last night to hear about the day. Their report included a list of adventures and lessons that were part of the agenda. But what delighted the teachers the most was that students were interacting across grade levels in ways that were considerate and thoughtful, gracious and loving. They were inspired by the way this group of teens and pre-teens enthusiastically encouraged one another through the physical and mental challenges of tree-climbing, rock climbing and hiking, and the way they cared for classmates who felt homesick. They were a perfect model of a kehillah kedosha, a holy community.

The Environment Trip is part of our efforts to fill adolescent minds with important thinking. We immerse our middle schoolers in a different world issue each year with these signature trips, and reinforce what they have learned since kindergarten — they have power to make a positive difference.

Parents who choose Mirowitz are raising their children in a community that nourishes the mind AND the heart. Our students grow to see the world through a Jewish lens, looking for what’s broken in our world and using their power to repair it.  They will forever walk through life guided by a moral compass and a sense of purpose.

I have two Mirowitz alumni of my own, and even in their twenties, I continue to see evidence of the childhood Jon and I chose for them. We are so grateful we had Mirowitz teachers as our partners, and feel that choosing Mirowitz for our boys was one thing we could do to better the world.

Thank you for making this world a better place by allowing us to be your partners.


Shabbat Shalom,