Being Present and Noticing the Sunshine

November 9, 2020

If you’re like me, you’d give anything to NOT think about the elections for a few minutes. Those of us who are fortunate to spend our days with your children benefit from frequent reminders to be present and to celebrate special moments, even as the grown up world struggles.

Those reminders were manifold today. I witnessed Kindergarten linguists teaching their stuffed animals what they had learned in class about the alphabet chart. (Quite possibly the cutest thing ever.)

I was inspired by our Middle School students who practiced respectful dialogue, deliberating thoughtfully about how we should approach the presence of campaign wear (hats, buttons, shirts) now that the elections are over. (They decided that given our culture of civility and the emotional energy that went into this election, people may just need to hold onto their campaign wear for awhile.) These teens know they can coexist in a space where they disagree, but still get along.

Every grade spent time in the sunshine, exploring the woods, climbing trees, observing their butterfly gardens, playing and soaking in some fresh air as they read delicious books.

Shabbat’s gift is that it forces us to mark time, to slow down, to be present. This Shabbat I wish you a rest from the news and opportunities to celebrate small moments, engage in civil dialogue and enjoy a little sunshine…just like a Mirowitz student.


Shabbat Shalom,