The Name You Earn

January 18, 2015


In Jewish tradition, you are called by three names : one your parents call you, one you call yourself, and one you earn for yourself. The last one is the best of all. – Midrash Tanhuma

Unknown-2What kind of name do you want your children to earn? At Mirowitz, we think about that all the time. We want our students to grow into teenagers and adults who feel compelled to make a difference, who will use their talents, skills and time to make a profound contribution, who will feel passionate about something important and be driven by a sense of purpose.

Some of our students may one day become scientists who cure a disease or unlock secrets for alternative energy. Some may grow to be musicians whose talents convey holiness or ethical messages. Some may invent things beyond our imaginations. Some will take on a leadership role in finding solutions to world hunger, to inequality, to conflicts between nations. Some may even become teachers who ignite in children a passion for ethical leadership.

The Mirowitz experience is designed to give students the ability to reach their intellectual potential AND to be leaders who make a mark on the world. We focus on both the cognitive and the affective, the academic and the interpersonal. We know it takes more than knowledge to be a leader, and that developing the skills to establish rapport, building consensus and communicate effectively will help them earn a name for themselves.

This week, in preparation for MLK Day, we have had opportunities to talk with students about the power of one person to create significant social change, and to earn a name of honor. Thank you for allowing us to be your partners in raising children who think deeply about the impact they intend to make and on the name they wish to earn. We have great hope for our future with your children as our leaders.Unknown

Shabbat Shalom,
Morah Cheryl