A Charge To Our Extraordinary Graduates

May 28, 2024

Graduates…we have a big dream for you. We want EVERY Mirowitz graduate to go into the world and do good. Since you began here, we have shaped your childhood experiences to build skills, tools, and values, and we are incredibly proud of the leaders you have become! Your achievements, both big and small, have made a significant impact, and we are excited to see what you will accomplish next. But the lessons are not done. I’d like to offer these thoughts about blessings before you go:

Everyday Blessings:
Remember that everyday interactions and moments are filled with potential blessings if you recognize them. As you’ve learned during your years here, sharing a kind word, helping a stranger, or even quiet moments in nature can all be sources of joy and gratitude.  Continue to seek out and acknowledge small blessings consciously.
The Blessing of Failure: At Mirowitz, we taught you that FAIL stands for First Attempt In Learning and that mistakes are growth opportunities. May the setbacks you experience in the future—and you will have them because we are all human—provide valuable lessons that refine your approach, strengthen your resilience, and lead you to success.
Stop and Smell the Flowers: I mean that literally. Flowers are a simple yet profound reminder of nature’s beauty and intricacies. You’ve learned that on your overnights in the prairie, on your environmental trip, and in our own Mirowitz gardens.
May flowers remind you to slow down and appreciate small wonders. Each is beautiful, just like the people around you. Some are organized like a rose, and others creatively arranged like wildflowers. May you find value in all of them.
Embrace Rainbows: Each fall, as we read the book of Shemot in Torah Study, you were reminded of the rainbow after the storm and how it brought the Israelites hope and the promise of better days. May rainbows remind you that beauty can follow even in the darkest times. Remember that challenges are often temporary and can lead to better outcomes. And may you know that your Mirowitz kehillah will always walk beside you.
You stand on the shoulders of many who’ve made this moment possible. Graduates, remember that your teachers  have helped fill your childhood with powerful learning, Jewish moments, and values you will hold for the rest of your life.
It is their life’s work to enrich YOUR lives – to guide you through challenges, to teach you leadership, and to shape you into intelligent, compassionate, ethical individuals. Their dedication and commitment have been instrumental in your growth.
Graduates, you are forever a part of the Mirowitz family, and I hope you will visit often. In the words of Isaiah, I wish that you “May you go out with joy and be led forth in peace.”
Morah Raquel