Through Jewish Eyes

January 5, 2015

Seeing the world through Jewish eyes

People are skeptical when I tell them that we integrate Jewish learning into every subject here at Mirowitz. Math? Yep! Science? You bet! Writing? That’s an easy one. P.E.? That, too!

UnknownIf you’d peeked into our classrooms this week, you would know that it’s all true. 

On STEAM Day, Middle School students researched significant Israeli innovations (for example: capsule endoscopy, USB Flash Drives and wind-powered cars), and created presentations (in Hebrew!) to share their findings with the class.

This week, PE class was taken over by Maccabee madness. Mrs. Boggs created stations to practice gross motor skills with a Chanukah theme. Children tossed rings to “light a chanukiah,” jumped on a mini-trampoline to “fry latkes,” and pulled each other on scooters to “fill the jelly doughnut.” Unknown-3

Tamhui was all about math today (see the article below),  and Chanukah stories were written and read in literacy. Hebrew classes spoke about Hanukkah miracles — of burning oil and military might — and Middle Schoolers  followed Hebrew recipes to transform potatoes into latkes. Even as I write this, I can hear a second grader outside my office humming “Banu Choshech Legaresh” — a popular Israeli Chanukah song about driving out the darkness.

In choosing Mirowitz, you have given your children a gift.In addition to class time spent explicitly learning Jewish topics and texts, Judaism is an organic part of seemingly secular moments. Our students find something of themselves in all of their learning. They see the world through a Jewish lens and to develop a moral compass shaped by Jewish values. 

Some might call it a miracle. We call it Judaic Integration.

Happy Chanukah, Shabbat Shalom and may your vacation be filled with peace and blessings!


Morah Cheryl