Mirowitz STEAM Studio
Sunday, October 7
9:30-11:30 a.m.

Children observe frogs and toads at one of 9 Mirowitz outdoor learning labs. Mirowitz is a private Jewish day school.

The Mirowitz Kindergarten Pond

Join us for an morning of earth-themed STEAM. You and your pre-school aged child (ages 3+) will participate together in hands-on discovery in our outdoor labs.

  • Meet animals and artists that make the pond their home.
  • Learn about the parts of a plant (leaves, seeds, fruits and root) that are nutritious and tasty. Then pick a veggie from our garden and have a taste for yourself!
  • Built a chicken nest, and see if Lila and Golda (our school chickens) find it comfortable.
  • Use technology to record colors in nature.
  • Learn how composting turns rotten food into something reusable.

(Mirowitz STEAM Learning Labs integrate Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.) 

Presented by: Saul Mirowitz Jewish Community School and PJ Library – St. Louis.

 RSVP here. Email Lee’at with your questions. 

SNEAK A PEEK @ Mirowitz
Wednesday, November 7
6:30 p.m.

Mirowitz Open HouseRoll up your sleeves! Whether you are intrigued by the idea of a Mirowitz education or simply want your children to be curious learners, this workshop is for you! Mirowitz teachers will guide you in experiential learning and share strategies that help children reach their potential.

Choose from these breakout sessions:

  • Hands on Kindergarten: Learning in a constructivist classroom
  • True Grit: How STEAM teaches resiliency and leads to success
  • Out to Learn: How (and why) to take lesssons outdoors
  • What Difference a Jewish Day School Makes: The impact of day school on Jewish knowledge, identity and ethics
  • Bilingual Brains: Expanding the mind with a second language
  • Doing What’s Right: Empowering children to pursue justice

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