Middle School

The Middle School experience is organized to respond to the intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual and social needs of early adolescents. Adopting best practices from middle schools around the country, we have developed a top-tier academic program that challenges our students intellectually and, at the same time, meets the social and emotional needs of young teens.

Each year of middle school includes an adventure designed to enhance personal growth, strengthen teamwork skills and offer a deeper understanding of our collective responsibility to better the world.

Our core curriculum combines an in-depth study of science, mathematics and literature with classical Jewish texts and the richness of Jewish intellectual tradition.

With electives in Humanities, Judaics and PE, students can pursue their interests and interact across grade-levels. At the same time, differentiated instruction ensures they are appropriately challenged to develop grade-specific core competencies including:

  • Exceptional verbal, technological and written skills
  • Communications skills
  • Collaborative skills
  • Creative thinking and problem solving
  • Leadership capacity
  • Organization and persistence
  • The ability to synthesize and analyze
  • An increasingly sophisticated Jewish lens through which to view the world.