The fact that Mirowitz alumni become leaders in their high schools, congregations and community is no accident. As important as intellectual growth is the development of soft skills that lead to successful leadership.

  • Leadership at MirowitzWe grow leaders by giving students a voice.
    Mirowitz students know their opinions are valued. During discussions, students know they have a safe place to share their profound and sophisticated ideas. At Mirowitz, no one believes it’s “uncool” to be smart.
  • We grow leaders by creating a model community in which every member is respected. Graduates of Mirowitz choose their friends carefully…for they know the signs of a trustworthy companion. They know what to do when faced with conflict because their Mirowitz teachers have empowered them to be confident problem solvers.
  • We grow leaders by instituting leadership opportunities for every child.
    In addition to giving classroom presentations in every grade, third, fourth and fifth graders read Torah and lead a discussion for the whole school.  They lobby their elected officials in 4th grade. They serve as role models for kindergarten buddies in 5th grade. And Middle School students lead school-wide programs and social justice initiatives. Mirowitz students have been seen at Creve Coeur City Council meeting where they used their voices for change and orchestrating the clean up of abandoned cemeteries and nearby streams.

We grow leaders by sending this message each and every day: You have the power to make a difference! Use it well in small ways and large.

2020 Election-Mirowitz Policy