Adventure Learning

At Mirowitz, the world is our laboratory. Students learn about the political process by lobbying their elected officials, about the civil war at Lincoln’s boyhood home and about sustainability at Heifer International Farm. A unit on our local biome will include hikes in the prairie, restoration of the prairie, an overnight in the prairie and work growing a prairie at school. Students study geology in caves, head to the woodlands to study biotic and abiotic components, and visit streams to study erosion.

Beginning in third grade, students go on annual adventure trips designed to enhance personal growth, strengthen teamwork skills and offer a deeper understanding of our collective responsibility to better the world. The adventures integrate science, history, Hebrew language and Jewish studies. The annual adventures culminate with the 8th grade Israel Experience which cements all they have learned in their studies at Mirowitz: that the Land of Israel shapes the historical, theological and sociological experiences of the Jewish people.

For Mirowitz students, field work provides opportunities for discovery and lifelong memories.

Civil Rights Trip News – 2019