All the Right Ingredients

May 15, 2020

For just a minute Tuesday, 8th graders could close their eyes, taste their delicious creations and at least pretend to be in Israel.

It was the Great Israel Food Fest! Our teens had a few days to select a dish, gather ingredients, cook and present their masterpiece to a panel of chefs. Shakshouka was poached, schnitzel was fried, kebabs were grilled. Bourekas, pita and biscuit cake were baked. Salad was chopped tiny as only Israelis can, and chocolate chips were placed inside falafel. One 8th grade chef even prepared an Israeli mocktail to go with his kebabs.

You’d have thought it was an episode of Top Chef…complete with the experience of seeing but not being able to taste the tantalizing dishes. Thanks to our judges, Mirowitz parent chefs AJ Moll, Cyndee Levy and Rachy Armoza, for their encouraging feedback.

The gathering and preparing of ingredients is a great metaphor for the task of our extraordinary faculty and staff. They are out there mixing together crucial ingredients so they can serve up a healthy, meaningful childhood to your children. These past 8 weeks, they have created, taste tested and adjusted their recipes. They’ve added new ingredients, and ensured that generous portions of essential Mirowitz ingredients: empathy, personal attention and love remained in the mix.

We need your help gathering the ingredients to provide excellence. Join us at our Gala in the Cloud Thursday night, and invite all your friends to join you. No need to buy a ticket or a new dress! In fact, wear your pajamas if you’d like. It will last about 40 minutes. See below for details and to RSVP.

We will be recognizing Mr. Schmidt, Morah Becky, Mrs. Burack, Morah Gaby and Coach Gary for their milestone anniversaries.

Just as our 8th graders learned that Israeli food brings together the cuisine of diverse cultures (shakshouka from Tunisia to schnitzel from Austria), our gala will be a gathering of people from around the world who have one thing in common. They are counting on Mirowitz to raise leaders for our future. It won’t be nearly as delicious without you!

Join us Thursday at this link.

Shabbat Shalom,
Cheryl Maayan