Being Apart Together

May 18, 2020

We know how you feel! We are feeling it, too! It’s as though we’ve all been forced to take a crash course in managing ambiguity.

Like you, we want to know what tomorrow will bring and what school will look like next year. Like you, we want to make plans and schedules. Alas, we cannot predict the future of this pandemic, and so don’t have answers yet.

BUT…there is a truth about Mirowitz that we can count on. We have learned to be apart together.

Have you noticed? Your children show up to see their classmates share and present their work. Grandparents all over the country join us for t’fillah and to wish Torah leaders “kol hakavod.” Hundreds of people who care about Mirowitz showed up to celebrate at our Gala in the Cloud. In 12 days, we will all show up to be wowed by our graduates as their Mirowitz childhood comes to a close. Plan for your family to participate in a drive-by parade to cheer for each of them and to wave to your child’s teachers. (See important information about graduation below.)

Indeed, we are a kehillah, a community that shows up for each other. It’s just what we do! We show up to celebrate our school, it’s graduates, our faculty, each other!

Yes, we live with the dissonance of not seeing the future clearly. But we are clear about where we stand with one another. I wouldn’t want to be apart together with anyone else. Thanks, Mirowitz, for being a kehillah.

Shabbat Shalom,
Cheryl Maayan