Day 14- Dialogue in the Dark / Invitation to Silence, surfing and ANU museum

May 9, 2022

Michael– Yesterday, I went surfing for the first time. I quickly learned the importance of balance!  On my first try, I fell back into the water, but I got up and tried again. It was such a great experience to try something I have never had the opportunity to try before. 

LucasI’d never surfed before, and it was so much fun! When we went surfing, I realized that balance is the key.  Each time I tried, I got better. I enjoyed this activity and look forward to the next time I get to surf. 

Lior– I’ve visited Israel many times with family, and now I’m with friends, which gives me the  opportunity to see the same place through a new lens. With family I’m usually going to a specific event, then I have hotel downtime. It’s fairly laid back. This trip was definitely different. We wake up early, have MANY activities each day, plus a bit of chaos and occasional group drama, but it has been so much fun. I have been able to interact with my friends in new places and in new ways. 

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