Day 3- 2023

April 19, 2023

Today was our second day of touring Israel! We started with morning services at Ezrat Yisrael, an egalitarian prayer plaza at the Kotel. We then explored the Western Wall Tunnels. This was one of my favorite parts of the day. I loved seeing the room of the Cohen Gadol (the High Priest). Next we went to the Kotel. This was such an impactful experience and touching the walls was such a cool and special opportunity. We then walked to see the southern wall of the Kotel and visited a museum about it.

Next we headed to a music and dance activity run by an organization called GuruZuZu. We danced through the streets of Jerusalem and then ended our day with a trip to Machane Yehuda where we had a late lunch at the shuk (market). I tried shawarma for the first time and it was amazing. 

Today was super busy and impactful at the Kotel but we had a lot of fun as well. Now we have to get ready to stay in a Bedouin tent tomorrow!!

By:  Leah


Today for our trip we toured the streets of Jerusalem. We learned about the 1st and 2nd Temples, walked through the Western Wall Tunnels and prayed at the Kotel. We had a blast at the shuk (market) traveling with our new friends and eating some of the best shawarma and shopping. At Ben Yehuda Street we put on some headphones and danced through the street with the program GuruZuZu.

By:  Noam

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