Day 3- Western Wall Tunnels, Yom Hashoah, Volunteer Project

April 28, 2022

Lucas: I will never forget the way I felt today when we were reading Torah at the Western Wall. I’ve read Torah before, but this time, I felt a closer connection to God. And when I was finished, I felt a sense of accomplishment. I will keep the memories of that experience forever. 

Michael: After our tefillah at the Kotel, the tour guide led us closer to the Wall. That was where we were standing when we heard the sirens for Yom Hashoah. In Israel, everything comes to a stop when the sirens sound. It was two minutes of dead silence, and it gave me chills down my spine. I felt disturbed but calm, and thought about how interesting it was to be praying for the dead just moments after we’d finished praying to express our gratitude for being alive. 

Noah:  We went to Pantry Packers, which is an organization that delivers basic foods to families in need. We packed up food into boxes on an assembly line. They told us that the boxes would go to Ethiopian families.  Each basket included green coffee, different kinds of lentils, and barley to be used for Shabbat meals.

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