Day 7- Masada, Dead Sea, Ein Gedi

May 2, 2022

Sam:  Tefilah on Masada was very nice. I felt like we were in the ancient shoes of the people who lived on top of Mount Masada long ago. I kept thinking that In that exact spot, people said the same prayers 2,000 years ago. I read the Torah there — the Rosh Chodesh portion — which was an experience I’ll always remember.

Aj:  The Dead Sea was a weird but fun experience. The salt pulls the oil from your skin and makes it feel slippery. It’s also a very calming have your body automatically float when you sits back into the water. I attempted to make a salt fortress with my friends, but that was not particularly successful as there was tons of salt and nothing to do with it. I will remember the Dead Sea forever.

Aiden:  In the caves of Ein Gedi, David hid from Saul. One question I have is why did David come to this particular spot. It’s such an obvious place to look, being a desert oasis with waterfalls and caves for hiding. I suppose he hid here because he would have what he needed including good hiding places. 

Here are pictures from Day 7!