Discovering the Light; Exploring the Opportunities

May 30, 2020

If we’ve learned anything from the radical change of lifestyle during this pandemic, it’s that when faced with loss and disappointment, we can open our eyes to unforeseen possibilities. If we look carefully enough, we can see the light shining through the cracks. Surely there have been some pandemic perks for each of us: more time to garden, quality time with family, reconnections with out-of-town friends over Zoom.

My summer challenge for our Mirowitz students is to discover the light shining through and explore the opportunities that this situation offers. Some ideas:

•Find a new interest. Try painting, gardening, cooking or sewing masks.

•Log on to virtual services at your congregation. If you don’t have a congregation, that’s okay. You can visit a different congregation each week and get to know their traditions.

•Write hand written letters to your friends and mail them through the US Postal Service.

•Call a grandparent or friend each day to chat and find out how they are doing.

•Sign up for Machaneh Mirowitz in the Cloud for a summer of online fun.

•Think about how you can do your part to help your home be a happy place each day.

•Show gratitude by thanking someone each day.

•Organize a small corner of your house each day: the sock drawer, your shoes, your art supplies.

•Read a hundred delicious new books and a few old ones too.

•Watch a TV show dubbed in Hebrew, and soak in the language.

•Cuddle up with your parents and siblings and enjoy each other.

What ideas do you have? Add them to our Mirowitz PTO Facebook page. Use it to share parenting tips and crowdsource ideas.

It has been an extraordinary year! We have lived through a major event in world history. The way your children have demonstrated their ability to pivot is due to the love that you give them. On behalf of the faculty and staff of Mirowitz, we offer special thanks to you parents. Thank you for your commitment to your children, to their Jewish education and to helping us help them through this very difficult time.

We wish each of you a summer of good health, rejuvenation and joy.

Chag Shavuot Sameach,
Cheryl Maayan