Excuse Me While I Give the Teachers a Shoutout

January 24, 2022

After watching the terrifying events unfold at Congregation Beth Israel in Fort Worth last weekend, the entire staff at Mirowitz is renewed in our passion for instilling Jewish pride and identity in the next generation. We are deeply committed to giving your children the very best, but our passion did not make this week of Omicron any easier.

We hope you didn’t even notice, but we had 8 or 9 staff members out every day this week with quarantines or isolation, and only 1 substitute available on some of those days. The pandemic has created a national staffing crisis, and Mirowitz has not been immune (literally or figuratively).

So…excuse me while I give the teachers and staff a shout out. 

The educators and staff who join the Mirowitz team share certain qualities. They love children. They love collaborating with smart, passionate colleagues. They love building community and being part of one. They love seeing the satisfaction children feel when they learn something new. They love igniting a flame of curiosity in a child. They love navigating through and finding solutions to tricky academic and social situations. And they love being your partners in raising your children.

And yet, everything is harder with this Omicron wave.They still love ALL those things, but it’s challenging to do even your dream job during a pandemic.

So…excuse me while I give them a shout out!

Thank you, teachers, for doing what you do best…in brand new KN95s! Thanks for delaying your desire to take a sip of coffee or munch on a snack so you don’t unmask when children are present.

Thank you to our office staff, admin team and specialists for covering classes, spotting each other for bathroom breaks, teaching subjects out of your comfort zone.

Thank you for showing up, even after watching a terrorist event unfold on TV, even when you are worried about getting sick and passing it to your own family members. You know that in-person learning is more effective. You have all exceeded your job descriptions this week…helping in ways you never imagined you’d be needed.

It’s clear that you believe so deeply in this holy work, that you pivot as needed and give it your all. You make Mirowitz possible, and the community is grateful beyond measure.

לבריאות (to your health),