How We Prepare Mirowitz Students

December 9, 2019

“I was not simply prepared for high school…I was over-prepared.” We hear this all the time from our alumni, and we heard it once again from Mahlet Fentaw who sat on our Middle School Open House panel Wednesday.

What did she mean by that?

Our 8th graders typically matriculate into honors classes in high school, and sometimes straight into sophomore classes. They know how to self-advocate when they need support from their teachers. They stand out as leaders at their schools — heading robotics teams, honors societies, school plays and youth boards.

What’s the magic sauce? It’s simple. We know that young children love to learn. When we fill their childhood with profound and meaningful experiences, they don’t lose that innate curiosity. It just so happens that a curriculum that involves deep thinking, problem solving, and emotional security also prepares students for academic success.

The proof is in the numbers.

For five straight years, Mirowitz 8th graders’ have exceeded both public and independent school norms on ERB standardized tests. Our alumni who entered college this past fall received an average of 65K in merit scholarship, and the middle 50 percent of ACT scores were 31-33. Many of them are National Merit Scholars as well. 

But helping your children develop intellectually is not enough. We want them to be smart AND we want them to be good human beings. Jewish learning opens the door to authentic conversations about being their best selves. We teach them to appreciate diverse perspectives, peoples, places and cultures. We want them to emerge as change agents for whatever it is they care about, and to approach their activism ethically and with kindness.

One alumni parent, whose two children were both awarded full college scholarships, said in a survey recently: I think it’s fair to say that my kids’ sense of decency, compassion, responsibility and intellectual curiosity have their origin in the school choice we made.

We are so glad YOU have made the same choice. Your investment in your children will pay great dividends.

Shabbat Shalom,