Israel is in Our Hearts

November 18, 2019

Rockets have rained down on Israel over the past three days sending our friends and relatives who live there to bomb shelters. Schools have been closed and the country has been on heightened alert. Here at Mirowitz, we join Jewish communities around the world in sharing prayers for peace in Israel.

It is our privilege to be able to make Israel a part of our school curriculum. Our students hear about Israel every day. Beginning in Kindergarten, their Hebrew studies expose them to Israeli poetry, stories and songs. As they become more sophisticated, their social studies lessons help them understand the significance of the land and the country to our people. They grow up understanding that Israel is a vibrant country intimately connected with their Judaism. And as they hit middle school, and their metacognition is more advanced, they have opportunities to grapple with current affairs, to understand Israel’s complexities, and to know that their connection to Israel is not a political issue.

We want you, our Mirowitz families, to also feel a connection to Israel. We are excited that a group of Israeli parents has stepped up to plan “Kef Yisraeli” (Israel Fun), a celebration of Israeli culture, cuisine and other contributions to the world. Save the date and plan to join us the evening of January 29!

The conversation happening about Israel on college campuses and in the greater community is complicated. At Mirowitz, we strive to prepare our students to participate in that conversation intelligently. We want them to develop an Israel identity and connection, and to formulate opinions they feel comfortable articulating and holding firmly. We hope their Mirowitz childhood is preparing them to be leaders who are able to share their own passions, convictions and ideas, and who can confidently add their knowledge and voices to the American conversation about Israel.

May this be a Shabbat of peace in Israel and throughout the world,