Our Memories Make Us Who We Are

December 17, 2021

What memories stand out from your years in elementary school? The cafeteria food? Recess? Getting caught chewing gum in class?

We asked a few of our students about Mirowitz moments they will always remember. Here are the answers they gave:

Noam B: I love the overnights, and especially the Middle School trip this year! I got closer with my classmates. It’s so nice to be away from the internet and have a break from normal life and spend time outdoors with my friends.

Orly S: We got to watch chickens hatch in our class, and soon they will go into the coop! We will take good care of them and will always remember when they hatched!

Marni: I will never forget the 3rd grade overnight. We were doing t’fillah in the morning, and a bird landed on my head. It became our class miracle.

Sydney F: I loved both having and being a kindergarten buddy. Those kinds of things make Mirowitz feel more like a family.

Leora: In 6th grade we went to Alabama. We walked across the Edmund Pettus bridge to reenact a voting rights march and visited the site of the children’s crusade. It’s really cool to learn about things in the place where they happened.

Mirowitz teachers purposefully plan for learning moments that will become treasured life-long memories. We infuse childhood with Jewish milestones like Simchat Gan, Simchat Siddur, chanting Torah and visiting Israel. We plant butterfly gardens, restore prairies, nurture chickens, sustain ponds and grow vegetables, immersing our students in the world beyond the classroom.


It is our hope that when your children are Mirowitz alumni, they will look back on their childhoods with joy. We hope they will recall profound moments that are connected with learning, with Judaism and community. We hope they will continue to find that learning is satisfying and inspiring, and that the memories they made here have shaped them into the best version of themselves.


After all, our childhood memories have the potential to make us who we are.

Have a memory-making and joyful winter vacation! We’ll see you January 3.

Shabbat Shalom,