November 2, 2015

Any school can teach science…but not like Mirowitz. At Mirowitz, scientific discovery inspires students to repair the world.Y-qG12imWbLlyrs-DkbuNDETRogmoy5MnBaWK-pAU3ENDFcgOq-P5HsoODro6cy87qoBObUUzo5krJyVYBgpYgXUXvwiaB8NTqHN9A=s0-d-e1-ft

Any school can teach social studies…but not like Mirowitz. At Mirowitz, social studies allows students to view our world through a Jewish lens.

-2Zm7M_dYbsj-zuyMc1d9ztpdbCZSO0EQI27DecBQVQlFWwESikahdZOFp8HV6yUrpLsCQS1qpobp2syUtZc2Zwtaohcaw2sDQVY=s0-d-e1-ftAny school can teach foreign language…but not like Mirowitz.  At Mirowitz, learning Hebrew expands the mind AND connects children to their heritage.

At Mirowitz, school is more than merely a place of academic achievement…and our 
success depends on you!  

We hope you will participate in our annual campaign. Let me explain a bit more about that campaign and why we depend on you.

Tuition, as you probably know, covers only a fraction of the amount it costs to educate your children. Our annual campaign makes up for that difference and directly enhances all of the things that attracted you to this school: our academic program, Jewish learning, fine arts, Israel connections, technology, adventure experiences… everything!

Whatever you feel you can give, we hope it will be among the largest philanthropic gifts you make this year. If possible, we hope you will become a member of Elijah’s Circle, our major gift society for donors who contribute $1,800 or more annually.  Donate now by clicking here or send in your remittance envelope.

j1QvbHlmWTKsjvV9cxe8WwofkufTMpSihHBLYU318m0L8w39vhdncWdw11MxvvuDyvZyQmeGrHsZOcgV0pJqh8HNxOHAaAUdgHBQcA=s0-d-e1-ftThank you for joining me in the great privilege and joy of being able to provide a meaningful childhood for future Jewish leaders.

Shabbat Shalom,

Morah Cheryl