Sukkot Reminds Us to Build a Better World

October 5, 2020

During Sukkot, we are instructed to spend time outdoors, no matter the weather, and connect with the rhythms of the earth. Immersing ourselves in nature inspires us, slows us down and helps us recall some important truths:

  • We are part of something bigger than ourselves.

  • We have been gifted a beautiful planet.

  • It is our sacred obligation to make this earth a better place.

I’m always reminded about how important it is to grow a generation of children who feel compelled by their Jewish heritage to build a better world. At Mirowitz, our community is intentionally designed to provide a model of what is possible. We want our students to leave us one day understanding:

  • Their every word and action has power — and that they can use that power to improve their community.

  • Kindness leads to more kindness.

  • Learning is naturally satisfying and leads us to higher understanding.

  • Their voice matters, and they should use it to make a change, resolve differences and share ideas.

This Sukkot, I hope your children will inspire others with their goodness, and that you carve out some time to be outdoors whatever the weather. Snuggle up under the stars with your children and ask them how they can use their power to better the world.

Chag Sukkot Sameach,