The Light You Shine

December 14, 2020

“We come to drive away the darkness. Each of us is a small light, and together we shine brightly.” So goes one of my favorite Hanukkah melodies that we sing this week.

The song refers to the darkness of Greek rule in the time of the Macabees. But in 2020, we certainly have experienced a darkness of our own time. And like the Macabees, banu choshech l’garesh, we will drive away the darkness.

What drives away the darkness at Mirowitz?

Our students, past and present! A few things that stand out to me this week:

  • I saw students joyfully giggling during Hanukkah dance parties. (You might also call that moment a neuroscientifically advantageous movement break.)
  • I watched meaningful lessons on Hanukkah in every grade! (Reb Scott describes some of them in his article below.)
  • I have watched the Tamhui jars fill up with tokens as your children contemplate how they will share their light with others.
  • I kvelled as I watched an alumni panel at middle school open house. Their thoughtful testimonies highlighted the impact of a Mirowitz childhood, and reminded me that our students develop a light within that drives away darkness long after they graduate from Mirowitz.
  • Last night, 70 families joined us to Light up the First Night! Etai and Nati Marmor had us all singing and dancing in our cars, and Fredbird delighted us by lighting the Hanukkiah. We felt like a community!
  • And it warmed my heart (and the heart of every teacher and staff member) to sip coffee from the Surge Coffee Truck. We feel the love PTO, and are grateful.

The song continues: “Together we shine a powerful light. Push the black away.” Well, if a tiny group of Macabees could push away darkness of a domineering military, we can certainly push away the darkness of separation that this pandemic has necessitated.

Let’s continue to build on the togetherness we felt last night (even while we sat on top of our own cars!) Let’s shine the light on ourselves and each other by taking the Hanukkah Challenge. What I’m trying to say is…Let Your Light Shine!

Here’s what you do:

Post on our PTO facebook page a photo or video introducing yourself and sharing the light you shine with the world. What do you do for fun? Or for work? What’s something people may not know about you? What brings you light in the darkness? (Is it a Netflix series? A hobby? A favorite recipe?). Add the hashtag #shinebrightmirowitz

Then tag 3 or 4 other Mirowitz parents and challenge them to do the same. Getting to know one another will shine a light on our wonderful community. Wishing you all a Chanukah filled with light and love and community!

Shabbat Shalom,